Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Switching gears for the final project – I’m sorry I wasn’t able to contribute these ideas during our class brainstorm.

I'm interested in how some of today's teenagers are representing themselves in the media.

I have an idea of how I am going to narrow my focus (likely choose teenagers that initially represented themselves/their friends in the media via the web and since have been hired by ‘real’ media companies – explore why they were chosen, how their media may have changed for for-hire jobs, should art be distinguished from media, etc).

But I am still going to look at all of the below before I decide on a final focus:

Media and art created by Rhode Island youth, most of whom were recently released from the state's juvenile detention facility or are in the care of DCYF

A 17 year old from Oregon who maintains a website and blog publishing documentary-style photographs of her family and teenage friends. She has done commercial work for  Converse and Nike, been featured in Frankie and American Photo and received a Converse/DAZED 2010 Emerging Artists Award.

AKA Tavi Gevinson is a 14 year old blogger from Chicago, began blogging in March 2008 at the age of 11, primarily about fashion but also about her normal teenage life (bar mitxhavs, etc). She was unknown when she started and now travels regularly to the top fashion shows throughout the world and has been featured in dozens of magazines including Vogue and the New York Times Magazine.

The Amanda Project is the story of Amanda Valentino, told through an interactive website and book series for readers aged 13 & up. On the website, readers are invited to become a part of the story as they help the main characters search for Amanda.

Teenage girls tumbling about their weight loss progress/goals

Please feel free to share any and all twitter accounts/tumblrs/public Facebook profiles/blogs/websites/YouTube channels etc that are produced by a teenager that you think I should know about!

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  1. Hey! Check out my friend's blog, she works at New Urban Arts in Providence and is blog crazy and awesome.